Gokulashtami falls on the month of 06th of September in 2023 according to the Georgian calendar.

Krishna Jayanthi is one of the biggest festivals celebrated all over India. The birth of Shri Krishna is considered as descending of Lord Vishnu himself on Earth. Krishna is known for his mischievousness, romantic lover, savior of Dharma, author, and narrator of one of the greatest Indian scriptures Bhagavad Gita.

In the midnight of Ashtami (8th day of Krishna paksha) in the month of Shravana (July-August), Lord Krishna was born. He was then given the name of Sri Krishna, and his story is recorded in the famous work of the Hindus known as Bhagavatam. Son of King Vasudev and Devaki was born to rid the world of the wicked, he was secretly brought up by the chief of the Yadavas(cowherds) – Nanda and Yashoda to whom he was taken since his uncle Kamsa considered him an enemy and wanted to get rid of him as soon as he was born, by putting him to death.

This auspicious day is called Janmashtami, people celebrate his birth by singing songs, Bhajans, play Krishna Leela. In Mathura and Brindavan, the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami are very grand. Lord Krishna is said to be the powerful incarnation of Lord Vishnu who came to earth to end the rule of injustice and dharma. In North India, the breaking of Dahi Handi is very popular. On Krishna Jayanthi, the children in the house are dressed as little Krishna who steals butter with his friends. An elaborate puja is done in temples and households to Lord Krishna late in the evening. On that day, the people of the households prepare foods that are his favorite and are given as neivedhanam.

Gokulashtami Menu - Uppu seedai, Vella seedai, Coconut seedai, Appam, Murukku, Thenkuzhal, Mullu murukku, Thattai, Ribbon Pakoda, Aval payasam.

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