Margazhi Special

Margazhi Special

Margazhi Special

The most wonderful month in the Tamizh logbook! Master Krishna says that he is the period of Margazhi from which one can envision the magnificence and sacredness of this current month.

Importance of Margazhi month:
The Ekadasi falling amid this period is considered exceptionally promising. In South India, particularly the Vaikunta Ekadasi which falls amid the winding down period of the moon in Danur Masam pulls in a large number of lovers. Sanctuaries direct unique Poojas amid the period.

STORY: Once, on the eve of Dakshinaayana, the celestials collected on the pinnacles of Mountain Meru and appealed to the Upendra a type of Lord Vishnu. At the point when the Lord arrived, the celestials disclosed to Him that their "night" was drawing closer and looked for His authorization with the goal that they all could go to their separate dwelling places. At that point, Ratri Devi, the benefactor divinity of night and Dakshinaayana, went up against the type of a lovely lady and prostrated before the Lord. She begged Him as takes after "Master, everyone sees Dakshinaayana as an awful time and don't play out any great deeds. I am generally chided. I will attempt retribution to acquire your effortlessness. On the off chance that I don't accomplish my objective, I will end this life of ignominy". The amassed celestials argued her case to the Lord.

The tolerant Lord had compassion for her and favored her as takes after, "Ratri Devi, your length comprises of 3 periods of 2 months each. Out of these, the initial two seasons might be esteemed to dear to me. Inside these 2 seasons comprising of four months, there should be a pecking order in which Kartika might be the dearest, trailed by Ashwini, Bhadrapada lastly Shravana. All devout and exemplary acts performed in these four months should yield gigantic advantages. Because of this, individuals will now anticipate this time, in this manner expelling the shame appended to you". Consequently saying the Lord vanished.


Margazhi is known for flawless kolams. Individuals improve the passage of their homes by brightening kolams and rangolis.

Margazhi Bhajanai & Unjavrithi:

Margazhi is known for its bhajanai early morning and individuals additionally do unjavrithi. Individuals go in bunches singing in acclaim of God. Again all these are being taken after to guarantee that individuals get profited by the unadulterated oxygen at a young hour in the morning

Vaikunda Ekadesi in Tamil Margazhi month:

Tamil culture is popular for fasting. For the most part Ekadesi fasting is seen by Tamils. Ekadesi comes two times in a Tamil lunar month. The eleventh day from New moon which is called Shukla Paksha Ekadesi and the eleventh day from the Full moon which is called Krishna Paksha Ekadesi. There are 23 Ekadesis in Tamil year. Among them, Vaikunda Ekadesi which falls on Margazhi month is considered propitious. It is committed to Lord Vishnu. It is said that fasting on this day and worshiping Lord Vishnu would accomplish Vaikunta. Fasting in Vaikunda Ekadesi is equal to fasting in all Ekadesi.

The greatness of Tamil Margazhi Masam or Margali Month:

The Greatness of Margazhi Month is likewise clarified in Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna. As we as a whole know the Bhagavat Gita is one of the best religious books for the Hindus and in that Lord Krishna says Maasanam Margasheershoham. This implies among all the years introduced, Lord Krishna is Margazhi. The Margazhi month is such extraordinary with the end goal that Lord Krishna likewise thinks about himself to Margazhi and says that he is the Margazhi month. Aside from this, the Margazhi month is set apart for different exercises occurring in this month and that gives extraordinary energy to individuals amid this month. The different occasions of the Margazhi month are as per the following.

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