Thai Kirthigai

Thai Kirthigai

Thai Kirthigai is praised in the period of Thai (Jan – Feb) upon the arrival of Krittika star, worshiping Lord Muruga, the directing god of the star. On this day, unique petitions and Pooja are offered to Lord Muruga in sanctuaries, alongside abishekam (hydration service) and diverse alankarams (adornments).

Fervent lovers of Lord Muruga convey pots of drain and kavadis (enlivening curve) to his sanctuaries. A few people express their true commitment by piercing their appearances with Vels (skewers) and go on Padha Yatra to his dwelling places (the sanctuary by strolling without transport administrations). Revering Lord Muruga on Thai Kirthigai can offer one with mettle, sound learning, reasoning abilities, and sharing knowledge.

The hallowed sacred writings endorse fire function, Abishekam (hydration service), Pooja/Archana (Light and Sound function), Yantra, and Mantra (uncommon sounds) as the approaches to offer your petition to the awesome. Out of these, fire service is the most advanced profound innovation on earth to interface with the celestial creatures. Take an interest in the medicinal administrations to clear your karma and get the endowments.

Thai Krithigai is one of the essential Hindu celebrations praised for the most part in Tamil Nadu. This celebration is additionally known as Kiruthigai or Kaarthigai. The devour is praised on 26th January. Krithigai exceptional abhishekam, alankaram, and poojas are done to Lord Muruga in sanctuaries.

Krithigai is the nakshatra of Lord Muruga. As per Skanda Purana, Lord Muruga took birth from the third eye of Lord Shiva as six flares. Agni and Vayu deva conveyed the six Flames of Lord Muruga to the Saravana Poigai. Kaarthigai Pengal dealt with the six children from Lotus blooms in Saravana poigai.

Master Shiva and Goddess Parvathi conceded Kaarthigai pengal shelter that exceptional poojas for Lord Muruga will be held in each Krithiga nakshatra

Karthigai, or Kirthigai Nakshatram, in the month Tamil month Thai is considered very propitious by Lord Muruga or Skanda aficionados. Thai Karthigai 2018 date is January 26. The Nakshatram or birth star, Kirthigai, is related with Lord Muruga or Subrahmanya and the Karthigai Nakshatram day is viewed as promising. Extraordinary pujas and fasting is seen on Thai Karthigai day by Skanda enthusiasts.

On the day, numerous fans watch an entire or fractional quick and stroll to Lord Muruga Temple with Kavadi on shoulders and Pal Kuddam (drain pots) on their heads.

Muruga sanctuaries are extraordinary finished and customary melodic instruments and tunes are played consistently.

Extraordinary abhishekam on Lord Muruga with drain, curd, panchamirtham, delicate coconut water, sandalwood glue, nectar, rose water and different propitious things are performed on the day. There will be likewise parade of Lord Muruga through the sanctuary avenues in a few regions.

The most popular and essential celebration seen in Thai month is the Thaipusam.

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