Bheema And Hanuman - The Son Of Vayu, The Wind God - English | by Kamala Chandrakant/ Amar Chitra Katha/ Comic Book

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Sku : 91065534

Language : English

Author : Kamala Chandrakant

Publisher : Amar Chitra Katha

Page : 32

Height : 10 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 7 Inch

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•The children's book ""Bheeshma"" was authored by Kamala Chandrakant and drawn by Dilip Kadam. The book is a part of the well-known Amar Chitra Katha comic book series, which portrays historical tales in an interesting and approachable style for young readers.
• The narrative of Bheeshma, one of the Mahabharata's main characters, is told in the book. The son of King Shantanu and Ganga, Bheeshma was renowned for his physical prowess, sage judgment, and unflinching devotion to duty. He was also well known for his vow of monogamy, which he made in order to protect his family's happiness and well-being.
• From Bheeshma's birth through his death on the field of war at Kurukshetra, the book chronicles his life. The Amar chitra katha book investigates his complex interactions with the other characters in the Mahabharata, such as his half-brother, Bhishma's grandfather, and the Pandavas, and emphasizes his roles as a teacher, fighter, and counselor.
• Children may learn about the vast and interesting realm of Indian tradition from this wonderfully illustrated book. It is also a useful tool for anyone curious to learn more about the Mahabharata and Bheeshma's story.