Ramayanam - Volume 1 - English | by Dushyanth Sridhar/ Purana Ramayan Book/ Hindu Religious Book

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Sku : 9186436039

Language : English

Author : Dushyanth Sridhar

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Australia, NZ You may pre-order ‘Rāmāyaṇam’ (Vol 1) book in English with GIRI at the earliest. Shipping and Delivery - Mid Aug 24. ( Please note)

This will be a divine gesture for your guests in family events (like Vivāha, (Ṣaṣṭi)abdapūrti, Śatābhiṣeka etc.) and festivals (like Navarātri, Dīpāvali, Rāmanavamī etc.)

* Immerse yourself in the timeless epic of Hindu mythology with "Ramayanam - Volume 1" by Dushyanth Sridhar. 
* Crafted Hindu religious book brings to life the first part of the revered Ramayana, presenting it in a captivating and accessible English translation. 
* As a cherished purana book, it delves into the ancient lore and divine adventures of Lord Rama, his dutiful wife Sita, and the loyal Hanuman.
* Dushyanth Sridhar, a renowned scholar and storyteller, masterfully narrates this Ramayana book, ensuring that the essence and spiritual teachings of the original text are preserved. 
* Readers will be enthralled by the vivid depictions of Rama’s early life, his exile, and the foundational events that set the stage for the epic saga.
* Whether you are a devout follower or new to Hindu religious literature, this book offers profound insights into dharma, devotion, and righteousness. 
* Perfect for personal study or as a gift, "Ramayanam - Volume 1" is a must-have for anyone interested in the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology and the enduring wisdom of the Ramayana. 
* Embark on this spiritual journey and experience the divine narrative that has inspired millions across generations.

* Dr Vasudha Narayanan, Distinguished Professor, University of Florida (says 'Dushyanth’s amazing abilities to make the most profound philosophies accessible to all and tell stories in an enthralling way is unrivaled')

* Dr Padma Subrahmanyan, Bharatanatyam Dancer & Padma Vibhūṣaṇa recipient (says 'This (Rāmāyaṇam) is a delectable read, full of rare information, studded in the midst of Rāmakathā')

* Sivasankari, Author and Sarasvatī Sammān Awardee (says 'When somebody writes it (Rāmāyaṇam) with a different narration and craft, it becomes a classic')

* Sudha Ragunathan, Carnatic Musician & Padma Bhūṣaṇa recipient (says 'Dushyanth’s rich experience in pravacanas (discourses) is evident as he sketches a beautiful imagery of pivotal sequences of this grand epic in this book which is definitely a collector’s delight')