Giri Navagraha Homam Set | Navagraha Samitha/ Navadanyam/ Vastra Set/ Palm Cups

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• The Giri Navagraha Homam Set is a comprehensive and all-inclusive kit designed for performing the sacred Navagraha Homam, a Hindu ritual dedicated to the nine celestial bodies known as the Navagrahas.

• This set provides everything you need to conduct this auspicious homam with ease and devotion.

• Navagraha Samithu Stick: This stick is an essential part of the homam and is used for igniting the sacred fire during the ritual.

• Palm cups are traditionally used to hold and offer nine grains and ghee (clarified butter) to the sacred fire as part of the homam.

• Navadhanyam: Navadhanyam refers to the nine types of grains that represent the Navagrahas. These grains are offered during the homam as a symbol of respect and gratitude to these celestial bodies.

• Nine Vastra Set: This set typically includes nine pieces of cloth, each representing one of the Navagrahas. It includes a pack of each of the nine different colours of clothing. White, Half white, Yellow, orange, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Mixed color. They are used as offering in the homas to specific planets.
  * Surya -the Sun: Red
  * Chandra – the Moon: Pale White or Cream
  * Mangala – Mars: Red / Crimson Red
  * Budha -Mercury: Green
  * Guru -Jupiter: Yellow
  * Shukra – Venus: White
  * Shani – Saturn: Black 
  * Rahu: Dark Blue 
  * Ketu: Grey

•  The components are crafted and selected to adhere to traditional practices, allowing you to perform the homam with authenticity.

• The Navagraha Homam is performed to seek the blessings and appease the influence of the nine celestial bodies on one's life, bringing harmony and well-being.

• Whether you are conducting the homam as part of a religious ceremony, an astrological remedy, or for personal spiritual growth, this set is a valuable resource.