GiriAus Navagraha Homam Set | Navagraha Samitha/ Navadanyam/ Vastra Set/ Palm Cups

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• The Navagraha Homa (Fire Lab) is performed to invoke the blessings of the nine planets who govern your life.
• The placement of the nine planets in your birth chart indicates your karma and the level of success or failure you will experience in your life.
• The Navagraha Pooja Homam package set contains Turmeric powder, vermillion, sandal powder, camphor, sacred ash, incense sticks, honey, dry leaf's dry flowers, dry seads, dry grasses and nuts, pot thread, cookery candy, ghee, homa sticks, tirtha parimala, betel-nut, puffed rice, thonnai cup, mixed 9 grains, darbha, poornahathi pattu, rose water, paddy pori, sesame oil, turmeric, match box, rice flour, roasted gram, Pavithram, Vibhoothi.
• According to sacred Vedic texts, invoking the blessings of and pacifying the nine planets can bestow upon you the following blessings: overcome sufferings, Get rid of obstacles, encounter success in all endeavors, Attain blessings from all nine planets, Lead a successful life, conquer depression, and prove your efficacy.
• Growth in career, Enjoy marital bliss with your partner, achieve academic success, Be blessed with longevity and prosperity, and businessmen can enjoy a prosperous phase.
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