GiriAus Golu Padi Spare Parts | Ejector Key or Releas Clip for Pipes/ Golu Stand Accessories/ Plastic Material

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Sku : 6250607

Material : High Quality Plastic

Height : 6.2 Inch

Depth : 0.8 Inch

Width : 1.5 Inch

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• This Ejector Key or Release Clip for GiriAus 's Golu padi is a convenient and essential accessory designed to simplify the process of disassembling Golu steps after the conclusion of Navaratri celebrations.
• The Ejector Key or Release Clip is uniquely crafted to fit the Innovative design of GiriAus 's plastic Golu Padi. 
• After the joyous festivities of Navaratri come to an end, it is time to carefully dismantle the Golu display, pack away the dolls and figurines, and store the Golu Padi (display steps) for future use. 
• The Ejector Key or Release Clip is ingeniously designed to make this task hassle-free and efficient. 
• The ejector key or release clip is specially designed to fit the locking mechanism of the GiriAus 's Golu Padi, ensuring a perfect fit and an efficient dismantling process. 
• Here's how it works: 
1. Identify the locking points on the GiriAus 's Golu Padi parts that need to be disassembled. 
2. Insert the ejector key or release clip into the corresponding locking slot. 
3. Gently press or turn the ejector key to release the locking mechanism. 
4. As the lock disengages, the Golu Padi parts will be separated without any force or damage. 
5. Repeat the process for all the locking points until the Golu Padi is completely dismantled. 
• It is a valuable tool that ensures the preservation of your Golu Padi and makes the post-festival cleanup a breeze. 
• Invest in the Ejector Key or Release Clip for GiriAus 's Golu Padi, and experience the convenience and ease it brings to the process of dismantling and storing your cherished Golu display.