Giri Thirumangalya Thread | Thali Kayiru/ Manjal Kayiru/ Yellow Thread/ Saradu for Pooja

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Sku : 420043

Height : 1 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 1 Inch


Meenakshi Thirumangalya thali Thread Murukku is made of the finest quality thread and turmeric, being one of the most significant symbols of marriages of many Indian cultures. It has been continuing tradition to use Thirumangalya Thread or Thaali to tie the knot that is the deciding factor and most important part of a wedding. Our website has the best quality & long lasting Thirumangalya thread that can be purchased online.
 •  Thirumangalya Thread (Thali kayiru) is tied in order to signify the bond strengthened in the bride & groom's unison.
 •  Although the tradition of tying the knot is retained throughout India, the dollar, pendant and styles of the thread differ between cultures.
 •  This Meenakshi Thirumangalya thread (thaali kayiru) is of Murukku type - i.e., twisted.
 •  Sturdy, dyed with bright manjal (turmeric) and stands the test of time.
 •  Wearing a Mangalsutra is not just for symbolic representation of marriage, but also has multiple health benefits for the wearer.
 •  Boosts immunity, positivity and prosperity.