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Navagraha Samithu

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Navagraha homa is performed for the nine Super planetary bodies (devatha swarup)which helps the sadhaka to enhance the favourable grace and nullify the malefacts. Each graha is associated with a tree or plant and the twigs are offered as oblations into the sacrificing fire using the respective mantras. Arka - Soorya, Palasha - Chandra, Kadira - Kuja, Apamarga -Budha, Ashwata - Guru, Awdumbra - Shukra, Shamee (Sani), Doorva grass - rahu and Kusha (Darba) for Ketu. These samits come in a pack and can be used in homa.

Additional Information

Height (Inches) 13
Width (Inches) 10
Depth (Inches) 2

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