Giri Three Pul Koorcham - 10 Sticks | Darbha Grass/ 3 Pul Koorcham for Pooja, Rituals, Homam

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Pul Koorcham is a holy grass used in Hindu homams, havans & rituals. It is also used in the poojas done for pitrus. Iyers wear this grass on their finger by tying a knot in the grass during the pooja.


• The remnants of the nuni darbai, are mostly utilised as idukku pul and asana during pooja and tharpanam.
• Any Sanatana Dharma ritual includes Darbai or Kusha grass in a significant way. Positive energies travel through and are preserved very well in Darbai.
• It has been established that it is capable of transporting between two objects even the vibrations of a common sound (mantra).
• Using a clump of kusha grass called Nuni Dharbam, one can make pavitram, koorcham, and bugnam.
• This is a Three Pul Koorcham bundle comprising of 10 sticks.
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