Giri Amavasya - Sankramana - Grahana - Shraddha - Pitru Tarpana Set | Iyengar Pack/ Rituals

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This Amavasya Tarpana darbhai set is used for performing rituals and karmanushatannams during the new moon to soothe the souls of ancestors and evoke the blessings of the spirits. It is also called pitru homam.


* One katta dharbai, one pavitham, and two koorcham are included in the darbai set. This set is used for performing rituals and karmanushatannams. It is believed that it will pacify the souls of the deceased ancestors. It will bring blessings from the ancestors.
* In Pitru Tarpanam, we pay respects to our recently departed ancestors, such as parents, grandparents, and so on. It elevates them to a higher plane and gives them relief from all kinds of materialistic discomfort.
* Katta darbai, the remains of the nuni darbai, is mostly used as idukku pul and asana while performing pooja and tharpanam. Koorcham is used for springling water from water vessesls.
* Pavithram is useful for the Kartha / Yajamana, and Ridwigs to safeguard against dristi from others. Also, the evil spirits are driven away. Three-strand pavithram is used for darpanam, like in auspicious functions.
* Trapanam should be done in Amavasai. Pithru tharpanam should always be done with poonal hanging from the right shoulder to the left side of the body.