Artificial Flower Mala - 3.75 Feet | Cloth Artificial Flowers Garland/ Door Hanging for Home

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Andal Mala, also known as Thiru Maalai, is a garland or necklace traditionally offered to the Hindu deity Andal, also known as Sri Goda Devi or Kodai Nayaki. Andal is a revered figure in South Indian Vaishnavism and is considered a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. The Andal Mala holds significant spiritual and devotional value among her devotees.
Product Features:
• Andal, who was a young devotee and poet aspiring to marry none other than the great Lord Vishnu himself, is adorned with a flower mala similar to ones exchanged during wedding ceremonies. It represents her desire for the divine, and purity of her soul.
• The Andal Mala is typically made using fragrant flowers such as jasmine (mullai) or tulsi (holy basil) leaves strung together in a continuous garland. These flowers are chosen for their ability to enhance the devotional atmosphere.
• The garland is carefully crafted locally by skilled artisans, to ensure durability and appeal that will add to the regal stature of the deity.
• Devotees wear or offer the Andal Mala to seek the blessings and grace of Andal. It is believed to enhance devotion, bring prosperity, and bestow divine protection.
• The fragrance of the flowers is considered auspicious and is said to purify the environment and uplift the mood of the devotee.
• The Andal Mala is not only a symbol of devotion but also an adornment that adds beauty and sanctity to the worship space. It is often worn during religious ceremonies, festivals, and special occasions dedicated to or associated with Vaishnavism.
• Please note that the actual design and flowers used in the Andal Mala may vary. It is recommended to consult with local priests or trusted temple sources when seeking an Andal Mala for specific religious purposes, such as pujas.
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