Aniruddha - Beloved Grandson Of Krishna - English | by Kamala Chandrakant/ Amar Chitra Katha/ Comic Book

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Sku : 91065663

Language : English

Author : Kamala Chandrakant

Publisher : Amar Chitra Katha

Page : 32

Height : 10 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 7 Inch

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• Enter the world of Aniruddha, the beloved grandson of Lord Krishna, with this captivating English book by Kamala Chandrakant from Amar Chitra Katha.
• The book covers the story of Aniruddha, who is the son of Pradyumna, the son of Lord Krishna. Aniruddha falls in love with Usha, the daughter of Banasura, a powerful demon king. However, Banasura is against the marriage and imprisons Aniruddha in his fortress.
• The book follows the exciting adventures of Aniruddha and Usha as they try to overcome obstacles and reunite with each other.
• It also explores the various supernatural powers possessed by the characters, including Banasura, Lord Krishna, and Aniruddha himself.
• The author has used simple language and engaging storytelling to bring the story of Aniruddha to life. The book is also beautifully illustrated, with colorful and detailed artwork that captures the beauty and grandeur of the characters and the settings.
• With beautiful illustrations and an engaging narrative, this book is the perfect way to introduce children and adults alike to the captivating stories of Hinduism.
• Whether you are a fan of adventure stories or simply curious about Indian culture and tradition, "Aniruddha-Beloved Grandson of Krishna" is sure to delight and enchant you. So why wait? Grab your copy now and join Aniruddha on his epic journey through the ages!