Appa Anbulla Appa! - Tamil | Book by Sujatha | Fictional book | Tamil Novel

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Sku : 916806476

Language : Tamil

Author : Sujatha

Publisher : Kizhakku Pathippagam

Page : 88

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•The well-known Indian author S. Rangarajan, better known by his pen name Sujatha, wrote the Tamil novel ""Anbulla Appa."" Sujatha was a prolific author who wrote in a variety of genres, including romance, social commentary, and science fiction.
• A touching and moving tamil novel book called ""Anbulla Appa"" examines the bond between a father and his daughter. The father, or Appa, is at the centre of the tale because of his intense love for his daughter. 
• It explores the challenges, rewards, and sacrifices the father makes for the welfare and happiness of his daughter.
• The story discusses issues including family relations, love, parenting, and the value of developing close bonds within a family.
• Tamil readers adore ""Anbulla Appa"" because Sujatha's writing is renowned for its clarity, realistic characters, and smart narrative.
• Readers who could identify with the emotions and events portrayed in the novel were moved by the book's emotional depth. 
• ""Anbulla Appa"" is appreciated as a heartfelt depiction of the unique relationship between a father and daughter that emphasises the unwavering love and support that parents give to their kids.