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Language : Tamil

Author : Devan

Publisher : Alliance Publications

Page : 21

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•Devan, a well-known author of Tamil literature, wrote the book "Appala Kutcheri" in the Tamil language. The fictional village of Appalapuram, which is situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, serves as the setting for the novel, which was originally published in 1953.
  •The protagonist of the tale is Appala Mudaliar, a prominent landowner in the community who is well-liked and respected. Appala Mudaliar frequently hosts musical performances at his house and is well recognized for his generosity and love of music.
  •Music fans from all across the city come to these events, called "Appala Kutcheris." However, when a gang of criminals enters the town and starts to cause havoc, it disturbs Appalapuram's quiet way of life.
  •The plot of the book centers on Appala Mudaliar and his comrades' attempts to reestablish order and apprehend the offenders.
  •Devan examines issues like the value of community, the ability of music to unite people, and the necessity for justice and morality in society via the figure of Appala Mudaliar.
  •The book is a useful tool for individuals who are interested in Tamil literature and history since it also includes detailed descriptions of Tamil culture and traditions.
  •Widely recognized as one of Devan's finest works, "Appala Kutcheri" has been made into a well-liked stage play and movie.