Aranmanai Ragasiyam - Tamil | by Indra Soundar Rajan/ Fictional Book

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Sku : 91163751

Language : Tamil

Author : Indra Soundarrajan

Publisher : Thirumagal Nilayam

Page : 216

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•Indira Soundarrajan, a well-known author of Tamil mystery and suspense books, wrote the tamil novel book ""Aranmanai Ragasiyam"" in the language of Tamil. The fictional village of Anaimudi, which is situated in Tamil Nadu, India's Western Ghats, serves as the setting for the novel, which was originally published in 2003.
• The plot centers on the enigmatic activities that occur in the run-down house known as ""Aranmanai"" (palace). The adjacent village residents consider the mansion to be cursed and think it to be haunted.
• Arvind, the main character, and a few others opt to tour the home and learn more about its history. They come across bizarre and frightful phenomena as they investigate the home, such as apparitions, mysterious noises, and moving items.
• They quickly come to the conclusion that the estate conceals a sinister secret and is more complex than first appears. Themes like the influence of fear and superstition, the value of bravery and endurance in the face of peril, and the notion that reality may be stranger than fiction are all explored by Indira Soundarrajan via the figure of Arvind.
• Many people have praised ""Aranmanai Ragasiyam"" for its gripping story, evocative descriptions, and well-developed characters.
• The tamil novel book has also been made into a successful Tamil movie, and Tamil fiction fans still enjoy it.