Young Couple Pair - 14 Inch | Giri Golu Doll/ Paper Mache/ Goda Devi/ Vaishnava Iyengar/ Bala Krishnar Andal/ Navratri Bommai

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Sku : 6974201

Height : 14 Inch

Depth : 4 Inch

Width : 4.5 Inch

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"•Golu is a doll and figurine festival held in South India during Navaratri and Dussehra. It is a set of steps decorated with bommais (dolls) of all shapes and sizes to tell a story about a Hindu or secular cultural issue.
• To enhance the detailing of the golu, add the God and Goddess Bala Krishnar Andal doll to your golu padi.
•In Hinduism, Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is referred to as Bala Krishna, his young self. Krishna is frequently seen as a kid with his heavenly characteristics, such as his alluring grin, his playful behavior, and his cherished flute. Bala refers to youth or childhood, emphasizing this time in Lord Krishna's life.
•One of the twelve Alvars, or Lord Vishnu's devotees, Andal, also known as Kodai Nachiyar or Goda Devi, was a Tamil poet-saint who lived in the ninth century. She is recognized for her profound devotion and literary works, especially the devotional poems Tiruppavai and Nachiyar Thirumozhi, which show her love for Lord Vishnu.
•The religious poetry of Andal is what ties Bala Krishna and Andal together. In particular, in her songs and poetry devoted to the heavenly infant Krishna, she showed her love and desire for Lord Krishna. Andal frequently portrayed her wish to wed Krishna and become his lover in her works.
•Devotees strongly value Andal's poetic expressions of devotion and her longing for unification with Krishna, and her writings are still appreciated and sung during religious celebrations, particularly in Tamil Nadu during the month of Margazhi (December–January).
•Andal is venerated as a manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi at the Andal Temple in Srivilliputhur, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
•While Andal was a poet-saint who used her devotional poems to communicate her intense love and devotion to Krishna, Bala Krishna stands for the childlike aspect of Lord Krishna. Their shared longing for unification with Krishna and Andal's beautiful devotional sentiments, which still move followers today, are what bind them together.
•Decorate your Kolu Padi with this unique collection of Golu dolls for Navarathri from Giri. An ideal present for festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, and housewarming.
•During Navaratri, people visit each other's homes to see the Golu display and offer prayers. It is considered an auspicious time to seek blessings from the Divine and to celebrate the victory of good over evil.
•This set stands apart from the usual golu doll set because it is painted in vivid, rich colors with a different composition and definition."