Silver Bowl - 5.1 Inches | Katori/ Cup for Home/ 52 Gms Approx

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Sku : 72505127

Height : 5.12 Inch

Depth : 1.97 Inch

Width : 1.18 Inch

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Silver bowls are frequently used for many religious and important occasions in Hindu culture. Silver is thought to be a pure metal with a positive vibe. During religious ceremonies, rites, and festive events, food, sweets, and other objects are frequently offered in these types of bowls.


• The blessed food or sweets offered to Gods during worship, or puja, are referred to as prasad. Prasad may be served and distributed to worshippers in a silver bowl and spoon set.
• Aarti is a ritual in which a tray containing lit candles or a lamp is presented to the gods as hymns of adoration are played.
• It is common to make special dishes and desserts for religious occasions like Diwali and Navaratri. Using a silver spoon and presenting these treats in a silver bowl adds tradition and is lucky.
• Birth and naming ceremonies are important occasions in Hindu tradition. Silver bowl and spoon sets can be used for ceremonial ceremonies or to serve the newborn baby's first solid food.