Breaking India - English | Rajiv Malhotra,Aravindan Neelakandan/ Amaryllis - an Imprint of Manjul Publishing House

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Language : English

Author : Rajiv Malhotra,Aravindan Neelakandan

Publisher : Amaryllis - an Imprint of Manjul Publishing House

Page : 640

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• ""Breaking India: Western Intervention in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines"" is a thought-provoking book authored by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan.
• This book delves into the complex and sensitive issues surrounding the Dravidian and Dalit communities in India and explores the role of Western interventions in these faultlines.
• ""Breaking India"" provides an in-depth analysis of the faultlines that exist within Indian society, particularly focusing on the Dravidian and Dalit communities. It examines the historical, social, and political factors that have contributed to these faultlines.
• The book sheds light on the involvement of Western institutions, academics, and organizations in exacerbating these faultlines. It explores how external forces have played a role in shaping and manipulating narratives related to India's social and cultural diversity.
• ""Breaking India"" delves into the complex issues of cultural identity and how external influences have contributed to the fragmentation of Indian society along these faultlines.
• It discusses the impact of missionary activities, academia, and media on the perceptions of India's history and culture.
• The book provides a global perspective on how the Indian narrative is often shaped by Western ideologies and agendas. It discusses how certain narratives are promoted to advance external interests.
• ""Breaking India"" explores controversial themes and challenges existing narratives. It seeks to stimulate critical thinking and discussion around topics related to Indian society, culture, and identity.
• ""Breaking India"" is a valuable resource for academics, scholars, and students studying sociology, cultural studies, and Indian society. It provides a critical perspective on the complex issues it addresses.
• Breaking India book serves as a social commentary, inviting readers to engage in discussions about the faultlines and identity issues present in Indian society.
• ""Breaking India"" is a thought-provoking and controversial work that challenges conventional narratives and seeks to stimulate discussions and debates about the faultlines in Indian society. It is a significant contribution to the discourse on Indian culture, identity, and social issues.