Brass Balaji Idol - 2.25 Inches | Showpiece | Venkateswara Swamy Statue for Pooja | 80 Gms Approx

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Sku : 52507171

Material : Brass

Height : 2.25 Inch

Depth : 2.25 Inch

Width : 1.3 Inch

• Lord Vishnu, one of the major Gods in Hinduism, is also known as "Balaji"/"Murti", especially the vigraham in Tirupati. Lord Vishnu is revered as the universe's protector and sustainer, and it is claimed that he takes human form whenever it is necessary to maintain morality and restore cosmic order.
• Lord Vishnu is also referred to as Narayana, Govinda, and Hari in some regions of India.
• Lord Balaji is frequently portrayed as having four arms and carrying a lotus flower, a discus, a chakra, and a gada. Typically, he is shown to have a calm demeanour, with the white namam blocking the powerful rays from his eyes. Lord Vishnu is frequently shown lounging on the serpent Adishesha, also known as Ananta Shesha, because it is said that he resides in the heavenly home known as Vaikuntha.
• Worshipping Balaji and praying to him in order to obtain his blessings for safety, prosperity, and spiritual upliftment. Lord Vishnu temples, also known as Perumal temples, can be found all across India, although they are most prevalent in South India, where his worship is very well-liked.
• The legends and traditions surrounding Lord Vishnu's many incarnations, including those of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, are highly regarded and honoured by his followers. In honour of Perumal, festivals like Vaikuntha Ekadashi and Rama Navami are observed with great fervour and devotion.
• It is thought that Perumal, a caring and loving Deity, hears the prayers and devotion of his followers. Hinduism's Vaishnavite tradition includes the worship of Perumal, and Perumal's adherents seek his grace and blessings for a peaceful and fruitful life.
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