Brass Padi - 6.5 Inches | Rice Grains Measuring Pot/ Measuring Cup for Home/ 525 Gms Approx

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•Brass paddy storage containers, also known as paras and Padi, are sacred items in Hinduism and have spiritual significance.
• It serves as a representation of wealth, richness, and fertility in a variety of religious rites and rituals.
• Grain storage, especially rice storage, is revered as a heavenly act that bestows blessings and good fortune. 
• In Hinduism, rice is connected to Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth, and is said to be the meal of the Gods.
• In order to show appreciation and ask for blessings for an abundant crop and prosperity, the brass para is used as a gift to the Deities during festivals and rituals.
• The goddess Annapurna, who provides food and nutrition, is also connected to the brass para. 
• The para's practice of hoarding grains is said to be a means to thank the Goddess and ask her graces for a bountiful crop and nourishment.
• Hinduism places a unique spiritual emphasis on the brass padi and uses it to show thanks, ask for favors, and respect nature's divine powers.