Brass Thiri Kambi- 3.5 Inch | Vilakku Thiri Thoondi for Pooja Purpose

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Sku : 52502020

Material : Brass

Height : 3.5 Inch

Depth : 0.05 Inch

Width : 1.5 Inch

• Brass Thiri Kambi, also known as Vilakku Thiri Thoondi, is a traditional Indian item used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies.
• It is a helpful tool to light traditional oil lamps, also known as vilakku, which are a common part of Hindu temples and homes. The thiri thoondi ensures that you get no accidental burns from the flame or hot wicks, and also helps you keep your hands clean from the stickiness of the oiled wicks.
• It is used by collecting or scooping the cotton wick (thiri) and transferring it to the lamp, which is filled with oil. The wick is then lit, and the lamp is placed on a designated stand or altar.
• It is not just a safety tool, but is also considered important and sacred in Hindu puja. Also an efficient tool for festivals that require lighting of many lamps, such as Diwali, Kartigai Deepam and Navaratri.