GiriAus Cotton Wicks - 40 Pieces | Diya Batti/ Nool Thiri/ Vilakku Thiri/ Lamp Wicks/ White Colour

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While lamps act as the body or holder to the flame, the cotton wick being a quick burning agent acts as the capillary, to maintain the light by drawing up the oil for its fuel. GiriAus  offers the most truthworthy quality of carefully put together cotton wick pieces to last long enough to brighten up your lamps as well as your day. Thiri, made from cotton fibres, are used to light lamps in pooja rooms and temples. Vilakku thiri are twisted together and dipped in oil before illuminating. This gives an aesthetic appearance while calming down the mind and stimulating spirituality & inner peace.
 Features & Benefits:
•  Lighting the cotton wick (vilakku thiri) signifies connection with the spiritual ultimate, and letting go of materialistic attachments during prayer.
•  Cotton, being a natural fibre, symbolises purity and lighting it with the flame represents one's devotion.
•  Soft, yet durable, these lamp wicks are absorbent and absorb just the right amount of oil to facilitate prolonged burning of lamps.
•  Makes for a long-lasting flame, giving an elegant touch to any diya/agal/lamp. Size can be tweaked and adjusted according to preference.
•  This Lamp wicks are auspicious and can be lit easily. It has traditionally been used in India since ages, for it is a versatile fibre.
•  Deepam can be lit in the mornings and evenings, especially during seasons of Karthigai and Diwali, with these trustworthy classic Cotton Wicks with no hassle.