Crows and Owls - Tales from the Panchatantra - English | by Luis Fernandes/ Amar Chitra Katha/ Comic Book

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Sku : 91065561

Language : English

Author : Luis Ferndes

Publisher : Amar Chitra Katha

Page : 32

Height : 10 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 7 Inch

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•The Panchatantra, a well-known collection of Indian folktales, is retold in Luis Fernandes's book Crows and Owls: Tales from the Panchatantra.
•  The book concentrates on tales involving crows and owls, two birds that are frequently utilized in Indian tradition as emblems of intelligence and wisdom.
• The tales chronicle the exploits of many creatures as they deal with the difficulties of living in the animal realm, including crows, owls, jackals, and mice. Each tale has a profound lesson or moral, such as the perils of greed, the value of cooperation, or the repercussions of dishonesty.
• The captivating and approachable retellings of these well-known stories by Luis Fernandes are accompanied by exquisite drawings by Sujata Singh. Children and adults alike will find the stories fascinating and entertaining to read since they are filled with comedy, mystery, and adventure.
• Crows and Owls: Tales from the Panchatantra is a timeless collection of tales that will continue to inspire and educate readers for decades to come. It is a superb introduction to Indian tradition and culture.
• This book is published by Amar chitra katha. Amar Chitra Katha comics, a prominent publication house based in India, specializes in creating and distributing a vast array of comics and books deeply rooted in Indian culture, mythology, history, and folklore. Established in 1967 by Anant Pai, fondly known as the ""Father of Indian Comics,"" Amar Chitra Katha book has become an integral part of Indian literary heritage.