Paruppu Thengai Koodu - 12 Inches | Tanjore Styple Paruppu Cone for Traditional Ceremony & Wedddings/ Set

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There are many images that come to mind when we think of ceremonies, particularly those in South India: joyful celebrations, age-old traditions, family get-togethers, and of course, lots of delectable food. Seer Bakshanam presentation is one of the main customs. During ceremonies, families exchange Seer Bakshanam, which are sweets and snacks made especially for the occasion. It is a long-standing tradition. The Seer Bakshanam is essential to any South Indian ceremony. A significant Seer Bakshanam is Paruppu Thengai Koodu. It is a custom that after a long journey to the bride's village, the groom's family is provided with food in leaves folded into a conical shape when they arrived for the wedding during the Vedic era.
 It was believed that they found it incredibly simple to store food in these leaf-covered cones. As a result, it turned into a routine. It doesn't just have religious and traditional significance, but also has been scientifically confirmed that a food item stored beneath a cone lasts longer than one kept in an open space because the conical form has the capacity to collect all positive energy and transmit it to the food items covered in the cone.
 The couples who got married ate those foods from the cone and stayed hale and healthy with the blessings of Shiva and Parvathi, who are invoked in the cone with mantras chanted before marriage. Historically, the main ingredients for cooking, the pulses (Parupu), Thengai (Coconut), and Jaggery (vellam), were kept in the cone and offered to the groom's family. A couple is represented by a pair of Paruppu Thengai Koodu. The sweet item inside represents children. It is believed that the contents' savoury taste with a dominant sweetness ushers in good fortune.
 Paruppu Thengai is considered auspicious not only in weddings, but in almost all ceremonies where couples play a significant part: such as Upanayanam, Gruhapravesam (housewarming), Seemandham (baby shower), Ayush Homam (1st birthday) or Sapthiabthapoorthi (60th birthday).
 There are delicious variations in the contents, including options of Manogaram, Kadalai Urundai, Pottu Kadalai Urundai, Thengai Burfi, Mysorepak and Laddu as stuffings inside the koodu. The classic decoration is golden decorative paper and a string of flowers. Find a variety of appealing Paruppu Koodu designs on our website!