Radel Dhruva Nano Zx Shruti Box | Mantra Box/ Chanting Box/ Devotional Songs

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Sku : 24637003

Height : 13 Inch

Depth : 12 Inch

Width : 8 Inch

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•An electronic device used to play recorded chants or mantras and other spiritual practises is referred to as a chanting box or mantra box.
 • It is a portable item that may be used anywhere, including at home, in a temple, a meditation centre, or even outside. 
 • A speaker and a microchip that hold recordings of chants or mantras are commonly included in chanting boxes. These recordings can be played back using the box's settings. 
 • The tool might possibly include a built-in amplifier to amplify the chanting and a rechargeable battery for portability. Chanting boxes are a handy way for people to incorporate chanting and prayer into their daily lives, and they have grown in popularity in recent years. 
 • They are especially helpful for people who might not have access to a traditional temple or teacher or who want to incorporate chanting into their meditation practise. 
 • Some chanting devices additionally include features like the capacity to play music or guided meditations, alter the pitch or speed of the chanting, or any combination of these. 
 • Overall, the Mantra chanting box is a cutting-edge gadget that makes it simple and convenient for people to engage with spiritual practises, making it a useful tool for many people on their spiritual path.