Dhyanam - Tamil | Giri Publications/ by Karnak M. Kumar/ Spiritual Book/ Meditation Book

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Sku : 91001879

Language : Tamil

Publisher : Giri

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The Sanskrit word "Dhyanam" signifies meditation or reflection. There are numerous books that examine meditation as a practise and offer instructions on how to establish a regular meditation practise.
  A book with the title "Dhyanam" may contain the following:
  Introduction to Meditation: A description of the idea of meditation, its advantages, its importance in various spiritual and religious traditions, and more
  Practises and Practises: Advice on various meditation practises, including mindfulness, mantra repetition, concentration, visualisation, and breath awareness
  Postures and Breathing: Advice on Proper Breathing Techniques, Sitting Positions, and Other Physical Components of Being Ready for Meditation
  Discussion of typical hurdles and impediments encountered during meditation practise as well as methods for overcoming them
  Information about the advantages of consistent meditation practise, such as stress reduction, enhanced focus and concentration, and spiritual development It might also discuss practical strategies to incorporate meditation's advantages into daily life.
  Advanced Techniques: Some publications may also address more advanced meditation techniques and approaches, such as transcendental meditation, Kundalini meditation, and chakra meditation.