Shree Durga Sahasranamam Stotram (Namaavalihi Sahit) - Sanskrit - English | Mb Publications/ Shlokas Book

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• The ""Durga Sahasranama"" is a sacred hymn consisting of one thousand names of the goddess Durga. 
•  It is an important text in Hinduism, dedicated to the worship and praise of Goddess Durga, who is revered as the divine mother and the embodiment of power, strength, and protection. 
•  The ""Durga Sahasranama"" book is a valuable resource that presents the original Sanskrit verses of the hymn along with their English translations. 
•  It serves as a guide for devotees who wish to recite and understand the significance of each name of Goddess Durga mentioned in the hymn. <br.
•  This Hindu Spiritual book provides a comprehensive compilation of the thousand names of Durga, arranged in a systematic manner. Each name is accompanied by its meaning and significance, allowing readers to delve into the profound symbolism and divine attributes associated with Goddess Durga. 
•  By reciting the Durga Sahasranama, devotees seek the blessings of Goddess Durga for strength, protection, and spiritual upliftment. The book not only facilitates the recitation of the hymn but also serves as a spiritual companion, offering insights into the divine qualities and manifestations of the goddess. 
•  The ""Durga Sahasranama"" book in Sanskrit and English will be a valuable addition to your spiritual library. It enables you to engage in the devotional practise of reciting the thousand names of Durga and immerse yourself in her divine energy and grace.