Festival Gift Pack | Gift Box/ Puja Gift Pack

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Sku : AU10001

Height : 5 Inch

Depth : 2 Inch

Width : 5 Inch


• The Return Gift Pack for Puja and festival, a perfect assortment of items to express gratitude and share blessings with your loved ones. 
•  This thoughtfully curated pack includes a variety of traditional items that are symbolic and auspicious. 
•  The pack features multi-colour pouch bags, adding a vibrant touch to the gift-giving experience. These pouch bags can be used to store precious items, coins, or even as a fashionable accessory. They are a delightful addition to the gift pack, adding a pop of colour and charm. 
•  The pooja return gift pack also includes turmeric and kumkum, which are auspicious ingredients used in religious rituals. Turmeric is known for its purifying properties, while kumkum is associated with prosperity and devotion. These sacred substances can be applied during prayers or used for personal rituals. 
•  Another significant inclusion is a small pack of betelnuts, which holds cultural significance and is often exchanged as a gesture of goodwill. Betelnuts are considered auspicious and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the recipient. 
•  To symbolise protection and blessings, the pack contains charadu (Mangalayam thread), a yellow thread that is traditionally tied around the wrist. This thread is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. It serves as a reminder of divine protection and is worn with reverence. 
•  The pack also includes a small lamp, representing the divine light that illuminates our lives. This lamp can be lit during prayers or special occasions, symbolising the presence of the divine and spreading positivity and warmth. 
•  As an optional addition, the pack offers a garland, which can be used to adorn idols, pictures, or sacred spaces. The fragrant flowers symbolise beauty, purity, and devotion, enhancing the overall spiritual ambiance. 
•  The Return Gift Pack is a meaningful and cherished way to express gratitude and share blessings with your loved ones. 
•  It is suitable for various occasions and puja like Navaratri, Varalakshmi puja , diwali, Pongal and so on. 
•  It serves as a reminder of the auspiciousness and spirituality associated with these traditional items.