Brass Garudan Standing Idol - 6 Inches | Antique Finish Vishnu Vahanam Statue for Pooja/ 500 Gms Approx

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Height : 12.99 Inch

Depth : 9.06 Inch

Width : 5.12 Inch

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In Hinduism, the mythological bird creature Garuda, also known as Garudan, is regarded as the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu, one of the main deities. The image of Garuda is that of a divine eagle or big bird with a humanoid face, beak, wings, and talons.
  Here are some significant elements and traits related to Garuda:  
•  The Garuda is Lord Vishnu's mount or chariot in Hinduism. Lord Vishnu is portrayed as being carried on the back of Garuda, signifying the divine oneness and connection between the God and his vahana. 
•  The Garuda is frequently described as a strong and agile being with the ability to fly quickly over huge distances. This characteristic represents Garuda's capacity to speedily transport Lord Vishnu across worlds and places. 
•  Serpents, especially Nagas, who are frequently portrayed as Garuda's foes, infuriate him deeply. The clashes and interactions between Garuda and Nagas are depicted in a variety of myths and legends. 
•  Garuda is venerated as a benevolent protector god who can fend off harm and bestow favours. Garuda is frequently pictured as a guardian figure guarding the gates or the base of the deity's shrine in Hindu iconography and temple architecture. 
•  Hindu artwork, art, and temple building frequently feature the garuda theme. In numerous artistic renderings, it is frequently shown holding its hands in the anjali mudra (prayer motion), with its wings spread widely. 
•  Don't hesitate about adding this unique and ever-lasting Garudan standing pose statue to your house and office.