Bangles - 2.7 Inches | Glass Chudi/ Glass Kada/ Lahthi for Women/ 2 Dozen

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•Women wear glass bangles, a sort of traditional Indian jewelry, on their wrists. They are often created by shaping thin, cylindrical pieces of glass into a circular shape, then joining those pieces to create a bangle.
•The bangles are worn frequently in stacks or pairs on both arms and are available in a range of hues, sizes, and patterns.
•Glass bangles are a staple of Indian culture and are worn for a number of different reasons.
•They are frequently worn with traditional Indian clothing like saris or salwar kameez for celebratory events, including weddings, festivals, and religious rituals.
•Glass bangles are prized not just for their cultural and religious importance but also for their aesthetic worth. They frequently have elaborate designs with glistening hues and patterns that reflect light to produce a stunning impression.
•In order to increase their aesthetic attractiveness, some bangles can include other components like metal, beads, or stones. All things considered, glass bangles are a stunning and functional item of Indian jewelry that have been used for ages.
•They continue to be a well-liked accessory for women of all ages and backgrounds since they are a sign of tradition, culture, and beauty.