Gokulashtami (Sri Krishna Jayanti Puja) - Kannada | by GiriAus Publications/ Soft Cover

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• The ""Gokulashtami Poojai"" book is a comprehensive guide that provides insights into the rituals and significance of the Gokulashtami festival, also known as Krishna Janmashtami. 
 • This book is a valuable resource for devotees who wish to understand and perform the auspicious pooja (worship) during this joyous celebration of Lord Krishna's birth. 
 • The ""Gokulashtami Poojai"" book offers a detailed explanation of the various customs, traditions, and rituals associated with Krishna Jayanthi.
 • It provides step-by-step instructions for performing the pooja, including the preparation of the altar, the offerings to Lord Krishna, and the recitation of mantras and prayers specific to this auspicious occasion. 
 • With this book, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance and symbolism behind Gokulashtami. It delves into the divine qualities of Lord Krishna, his leelas (divine plays), and the teachings imparted through his life. 
 • The book also explores the importance of fasting, singing devotional songs, and engaging in devotional activities during this festive occasion. 
 • The ""Gokulashtami Poojai"" book is presented in the Tamil language, making it easily accessible and relatable for readers. It includes clear instructions, transliterations, and translations of the prayers and mantras, allowing devotees to participate in the pooja with reverence and understanding. 
 • It enables you to celebrate the divine birth of Lord Krishna with devotion, joy, and gratitude, while honoring the age-old customs and traditions associated with this auspicious festival. 
 • Unveil the divine presence of Lord Krishna and experience the bliss and blessings that come from observing this sacred festival. Let the rituals and prayers described in this book deepen your connection with the divine and bring prosperity, happiness, and spiritual growth to your life. 
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