Gopal and the Cowherd - A Delightful Bengali Folktale - English | by Gayatri Madan Dutt/ Amar Chitra Katha/ Comic Book

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Sku : 91065641

Language : English

Author : Gayatri Madan Dutt

Publisher : Amar Chitra Katha

Page : 32

Height : 10 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 7 Inch

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Anant Pai is a well-known author who popularized Indian mythology and history via his comic book series, Amar Chitra Katha. His children's book, ""Gopal and the Cowherd,"" is one of his works.
• The narrative takes place in a tiny Indian hamlet and centers on a naughty and lively little kid named Gopal. Gopal enjoys pulling practical jokes on the locals and his parents, but his favorite pleasure is robbing the village cowherds of their butter.
• When a cowherd discovers Gopal stealing butter one day, he tries to discipline him. He takes Gopal under his wing and instructs him in cowherding customs. Gopal learns the value of responsibility and hard work from his interactions with the cowherd.
• The vivid pictures and interesting people in the novel bring to life the reality of rural India. It imparts valuable lessons to kids about honesty, perseverance, and the importance of compassion and empathy.
• In conclusion, ""Gopal and the Cowherd"" is a charming and enjoyable novel that is ideal for kids of all ages. It is an excellent introduction to Indian mythology and culture, and readers of all ages will identify with its message of compassion and empathy.