Embroidery Hand Purse | Hand Pouch/ Wallet for Women/ Cotton Material

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Sku : 6068148

Height : 4.5 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 9.5 Inch

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•A handmade hand purse is a particular style of purse created by talented artists using conventional techniques and supplies. Particularly, this handcrafted purse has Jari Embroidery patterns.
•They can also be fashioned in a number of forms, sizes, and designs. Handmade hand purses are prized for their distinctive patterns and superior construction.
•Typically, each hand purse is handcrafted, with the artist paying great attention to every stitch and seam to ensure quality. This produces a product that is not only appealing but also long-lasting and robust.
•Handcrafted handpurse are treasured for more reasons than just their aesthetic appeal and practicality; frequently, they are prized for their cultural and social importance.
•Many handcrafted hand purses are produced by artists from rural or underprivileged regions, giving them a chance to make a living while showcasing their talents and traditions.
•From basic and beautiful patterns to more detailed and ornate pieces, handcrafted handpurses come in a wide range of styles. The traditional methods or patterns used in certain handcrafted hand purse, including weaving or embroidery, heighten their cultural and artistic appeal.
•A handmade hand purse is a one-of-a-kind, exquisite item that showcases the artist's talent and ingenuity. It is a superb substitute for mass-produced purse that is meaningful and sustainable.