Yoga Mat - 16 x 11 Inches | Handmade Mat/ Korai Pai/ Kusha Grass Chatai Sitting Mat/ 6 Mat Set

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A floor covering or mat composed of natural jute fibres is known as a jute mat. The stems of the jute plant are used to make the long, silky, and lustrous jute fibre. It is a commonly used, sustainable, and environmentally friendly material in the textile sector. 
 This hand-made Jute mats are renowned for their sturdiness, resilience, and all-natural look. They are frequently used as functional and attractive floor coverings in homes, offices, and other indoor locations. 
 Jute mats frequently have a light brown or beige colour, which gives the surroundings a natural, earthy feel. The fibres' somewhat rough surface gives them a secure hold and helps to prevent slipping. 
 Jute mats are suitable for situations where wetness or dampness is an issue since jute has natural moisture-absorbing capabilities. They can aid in absorbing surplus moisture and halting the development of mould or mildew. 
 Jute mats are great for establishing a comfortable and peaceful environment since they offer some degree of insulation and sound absorption. They can aid in lowering the room's echo and noise levels. 
 This long-lasting jute mat can be used for many occasions, like serving food to guests, taking a pilgrimage trip to relax, and also feeling the relaxation while sleeping on the hand-made jute mat. 
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