Multi Plug Adapter | Multipin Plug Socket

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Height : 4 Inch

Width : 4 Inch

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•If you are planning to travel from India to Australia or vice versa, you may need a travel adapter to convert the electrical outlet to fit your electronic devices. 
 •  India and Australia use different types of electrical plugs and sockets. India uses a Type D plug, which has three round prongs, while Australia uses a Type I plug, which has two flat pins in a V-shape and an earth pin. 
 •  The India-Australia Converter is a device that allows travellers to plug in their electrical devices with Indian plugs into Australian power outlets. 
 •  The adapter consists of type I plugs that are designed to fit into Australian power sockets. Another side of the adapter consists of three holes that are feet for an Indian-designed plug or charger. 
 •  Travel adapter is useful for travellers from India who are visiting Australia and need to use their electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, or other electrical appliances. 
 •  It helps them to ensure that their devices are properly connected to the power source and are protected from voltage fluctuations or power surges. 
 •  Convertable travel adaptor is essential to use a converter travel adapter that is certified by safety standards organizations to ensure that it is safe and reliable to use. It is also important to note that the converter travel adapter is not a voltage converter, so it will not change the voltage of the electrical supply. 
 •  Therefore, travellers should ensure that their electronic devices are compatible with the voltage in Australia before using them. 
 •  the India-Australia Converter is a must-have for travellers from India who are visiting Australia and need to use their electrical devices. It is a convenient and easy-to-use device that ensures the safe and reliable connection of their devices to the power source.