Jataka Tales-English

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Sku : 911559556

Language : English

Author : Rajesh Kavassery

Publisher : Sura Books

Page : 124

Height : 7 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 5 Inch

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This Book Contains The Hypocritical Holy Man, The Priest And The Snake, The Priest Lucky Cloth And the holy man, The two Mothers, The man Named Wise, The two merchants, The masters last words, The carpenter and his foolish son, The robber and the beautiful women, The tow gamblers, The brave price, The Kindly Golden Mallard, The foolish Tortoise, The kind king deer, The stupid lion, The two parrots, The holy Man, The Crocodile and the Monkey, The king of the World, The Man named bad, The stupid Tortoise, The Judas tree, The stupid hare, The father and his seven-year-old child, The hero named jinx, The great king, The king and the royal priest, The king who knows the language of animals, The pearl necklace, The wise minister, The wise prince, The foolish king, Magha the good, Sakka and Asuras, Sakka and Fourth wife.