Kadholai Karugumani with Mani - Pooja Set | Katholai Karugamani for Pooja Décor

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Sku : 4052751

Height : 4.5 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 3.5 Inch

• Kadholai is a spiral shaped ornament made of palm leaf.
 •  The tribes in Kudalur region of Tamilnadu make kadholai using leaves of talam plant, black seeds. 
 •  This pooja set contains Karugamani, a small mirror, Katholai, a spool of thread and a lemon. 
 •  People believe that if young girls perform Pooja offering Kadholai (earring), Karugamani (small black bangle), and Kaapparisi (a sweet made using rice and jaggery), they will be blessed with good husbands. Katholai is a spiral ornament made of palm leaves. 
 •  In the Kudalur area of ​​Tamil Nadu, the people of Paniyar, Karumbar and Kattunayakkar are using kathola made from palm leaves. 
 •  They make kathola using the leaves of the rhythm plant, karugamani and kosuthenadai.