Kambaramayanam - Tamil | 7 Volumes Set/ by V.M.Gopalakrishnamachariyar/ Rama's Story

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Language : Tamil

Publisher : Uma Pathipagam

Page : 6586

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• The Kambaramayanam Tamil book by V.M. Gopalakrishnamachariyar is a magnum opus that tells the story of Lord Rama and his epic journey to rescue his wife Sita from the clutches of the demon king Ravana. 
•  The Kambaramayanam is a retelling of the original Valmiki Ramayana, written in the 12th century by the Tamil poet Kamban. 
•  This 7-volume set is a comprehensive and faithful rendition of the Kambaramayanam, capturing its lyrical beauty and timeless wisdom. The author, V.M. Gopalakrishnamachariyar, was a renowned scholar and literary giant whose expertise in the Tamil language and culture is evident in every page of this book. 
•  The Kambaramayanam (7 Vols Set) The Tamil book is a must-read for anyone interested in the Ramayana or Tamil literature. It is a rich and rewarding work that captures the essence of Indian culture and spirituality and provides valuable insight into the timeless teachings of Lord Rama. 
•  Each volume of the set is beautifully illustrated and includes detailed footnotes and commentary, making it an invaluable resource for scholars and students alike.
•  The author's mastery of the Tamil language and his deep understanding of the Ramayana shine through on every page, making this book a true masterpiece.
•  Whether you are a student of Tamil literature, a devotee of Lord Rama, or simply a lover of great literature, the Kambaramayanam (7 Vols Set) Tamil book is an essential addition to your library. It is a timeless work that will inspire and enrich your life for years to come.