Kanavu Kudithanam - Tamil | by Balakumaaran/ Visa Publications/ Fictional Book

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Sku : 91163254

Language : Tamil

Author : Balakumaran

Publisher : Visa Publications

Page : 304

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•Balakumaran, a well-known and prolific author of Tamil literature, is the author of the book "Kanavu Kudithanam" in the Tamil language. Since its initial publication in 1984, the book has established itself as a masterpiece of Tamil literature.
  •The protagonist of "Kanavu Kudithanam" is a young man named Ravi who, despite growing up in poverty, overcomes his circumstances to become a prosperous businessman.
  •He must face several difficulties along the route and go over a variety of barriers in order to accomplish his objectives.
  •The book is renowned for its vivid depiction of Tamil Nadu life in the 1970s and 1980s and for its treatment of issues like ambition, tenacity, and the pursuit of achievement.
  •Balakumaran's work is notable for its acute understanding of human nature and capacity to arouse strong feelings in readers.
  •In addition to more than 150 books, Balakumaran also produced a large number of short stories, articles, and screenplays. He was renowned for his adaptability and capacity to engage readers from different backgrounds.
  •One of "Kanavu Kudithanam"'s most well-known and enduring compositions, it has received several honors and prizes since its release.