Kannadi Gopurangal - Tamil | by Balakumaran/ by Visa Publications/ Fictional Book

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Sku : 91163173

Language : Tamil

Author : Balakumaran

Publisher : Thirumagal Nilayam

Page : 336

Height : 8 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 5 Inch

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•The Tamil novel book ""Kannadi Gopurangal"" was authored by Balakumaran. The English translation of the book's title is ""Glass Towers"". 
• The plot centers on the lives of two friends, Mani and Ravi, and is set against the backdrop of the construction business. Ravi is a civil engineer, whereas Mani works in construction. 
• In the course of navigating the intricacies of the construction industry, the novel exposes their problems on a personal and professional level. Mani and Ravi participate in a high-profile building project that entails the construction of a glass skyscraper as the plot develops. 
• The tamil novel book explores the ethical and technical difficulties that occur during building as well as the political and communal problems that develop when such a big project is started.
• Balakumaran effectively combines a variety of topics throughout the book, including friendship, ambition, corruption, and social justice, making it an engaging and thought-provoking read.
• The construction process and the different technical issues involved are described in ""Kannadi Gopurangal"" in vivid and precise detail. The story also illustrates the struggles and difficulties faced by construction workers, emphasizing the significance of worker safety and rights. 
• For individuals who are interested in the building business and its effects on society, ""Kannadi Gopurangal"" is a well-written novel that mixes social criticism with technical analysis.