Kannan Kathaikal (Vol - 2) - Tamil | Krishnar Stories | Lord Krishana Stories | Comic Book for Children

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Sku : 911502764

Language : Tamil

Author : Swami Raghaveshanda

Publisher : Sri Ramakrishna Math

Height : 9 Inch

Depth : 0.5 Inch

Width : 10 Inch

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• Dive into the enchanting world of Lord Krishna's divine exploits with ""Kannan Kathaikal - (Vol - 2).""
• This captivating Tamil book transports you to the mystical realms of Krishna's life, sharing the timeless stories and teachings of this beloved deity.
• ""Kannan Kathaikal - (Vol - 2)"" is a treasure trove of mythical tales that revolve around Lord Krishna, also known as Kannan.
• Explore his miraculous birth, mischievous childhood, heroic deeds, and profound wisdom through engaging narratives.
• Lord Krishna is not just a deity but a cultural icon. His stories reflect universal truths and values.
• This book delves deep into the cultural significance of Krishna's adventures, offering valuable insights into Hindu philosophy and spirituality.
• Beyond the enchanting stories, this volume provides an understanding of the philosophical and spiritual teachings imparted by Lord Krishna.
• Discover the profound wisdom that continues to guide millions of devotees.
• The Lord krishna story book may include artistic representations, illustrations, or depictions of Krishna's divine form and pastimes, enhancing the visual experience and adding depth to the narratives.
•  This is the second volume of the series, offering a comprehensive collection of stories and teachings. It's a perfect introduction to the world of Kannan Kathaikal.
• Written in Tamil, the book ensures accessibility for Tamil-speaking readers, allowing them to connect with the timeless tales of Krishna in their native tongue.
• ""Kannan Kathaikal - (Vol - 2)"" is not just a book; it's a spiritual journey, a cultural exploration, and a source of inspiration.