Brass Bowl | Brass Katora/ Brass Cup for Pooja

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Material : Brass

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• A small, shallow dish or bowl known as a katora bowl—also spelled katori or katori bowl—is frequently used to serve food in Indian cuisine. The Hindi word ""katori,"" which means ""bowl"" in English, is where the name ""katora"" originates.
• Common materials for Katora bowls include stainless steel, brass, copper, and occasionally even clay. They can be plain or richly adorned, and they come in a variety of sizes.
• Several katora bowls may be used to serve various dishes at once during traditional Indian royal feasts.
• This makes it possible to experience a wide variety of tastes and textures in a single meal. Katora bowls are frequently a component of a larger thali, which is a circular plate or tray that holds a variety of foods.
• This unique Katora Rampuri bowl can be used for more than just serving food; it can also be used for serving small quantities during religious ceremonies and rituals, as well as when offering food to deities during devotion.
• These bowls enhance the dining experience by adding visual appeal in addition to functionality.
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