Gold Polish Kavadi Bell - 1.25 Inches | Hanging Bell/ Door Bell for Pooja/ 35 Gms Approx

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Sku : 52502400

Material : Brass

• A brass Kavadi bell is a must-have item in all the hindu temples. It is used to create a peaceful atmosphere during worship and ward off evil spirits.
• It is believed that ringing the bell will bring good fortune and protection.
• The sound of a brass kavadi bell is both calming and invigorating. When the bell is rung, it is said to bring peace and balance to the home and to help remove any negative energy.
• Kavadi bell is also used to summon Lord Murugan's protection and guidance.
• The sound of the bell is considered auspicious, which welcomes divinity to enter the home and heart and dispels evil forces. Ideal for meditation, healing yoga, and religious practices.
• Making your prayers heard to the Gods and Goddesses with a sonorous ringing holy sound is a cultural norm and belief in hinduism.
• The mentioned item is a bell with a mini head attached to the bottom that makes it ideal for any pooja or ceremony to grasp the attention of devotees with its sound.