Brass Kindi - 2.5 Inches | Lota/ Kamandal for Pooja/ 130 Gms Approx

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Material : Brass

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A traditional Indian water container constructed of brass is known as a kindi. In Tamil, Kindi is known as Kalam. In Hindu rites and festivities, it is frequently used to hold and pour water. The kindi often features a handle and a spout for transporting and pouring water. Kindis are also used to serve water in homes and restaurants in several parts of India. Indian culture and tradition are very ingrained in the use of brass kindis. They are frequently used in religious rituals and celebrations because they are seen as a symbol of purity.
 Product Features:
• A brass kindi is often used to pour water into a cup or directly into one's mouth after filling it with water. To keep the kindi clean and long-lasting after usage, it must be carefully washed and dried.
• According to legend, the brass substance has therapeutic capabilities and purifies the water kept in the kindi.