Deity Photo Stand - 2.5 Inches | God & Goddess Idol for Home/ Showpiece/ Random Design/ Stone Finish

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Sku : 6100712

Height : 2.5 Inch

Depth : 1.5 Inch

Width : 2.25 Inch

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• A decorative object or sculpture that features the Hindu goddess Kamatchi, also known as Kamakshi. Kamatchi, a manifestation of the goddess Parvati, is largely revered in Tamil Nadu and other southern Indian states. 
• The Goddess of love, fertility, and divine motherhood is known as Kamatchi. She is frequently portrayed with four arms, clutching various symbolic things, and accessorised with customary jewellery and apparel since it is thought that she possesses tremendous beauty and grace. She is typically shown sitting on a lotus blossom or elegantly standing.
• This unique Kamatchi god photo has a stone border with vibrant coloured stones to enhance the richness of this elegant kamatchi showpiece. 
• Brass, bronze, or other metals are frequently used to create Kamatchi showpieces. The Goddess's facial characteristics, dress details, and ornate jewellery may all be depicted in great detail in the sculpture. To improve the showpiece's aesthetic appeal, colourful embellishments or jewels may be used. 
• Popular decorative elements in homes, temples, and religious settings include these showpieces. They are viewed as embodiments of feminine power, elegance, and heavenly energy. An area is said to be blessed, prosperous, and peaceful when a Kamatchi showcase is present. 
• Showpieces made of kamatchi are also venerated and used in rituals, religious events, and festivals honouring the goddess. 
• In Hinduism, a Kamatchi god image symbolises the divine qualities of femininity, beauty, and motherhood. It is prized for both its visual allure and its spiritual importance, which serves to remind people of the empowering and nurturing traits attributed to the goddess Kamatchi. 
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