GiriAus Kolam Powder - 1 Kg | Kola Mavu/ Kola Podi for Home Decor/ White Colour/ Pocket

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Sku : 4200143

Height : 11 Inch

Depth : 1 Inch

Width : 8 Inch

• White kolam powder, also known as rangoli powder or maavu in South India, is a fine, white-colored powder used to create intricate and decorative patterns on the floor, especially during festivals and special occasions.
• White rangoli powder is typically made from rice flour or rice powder, finely ground to achieve a smooth and fine texture. It is often mixed with a small amount of calcium carbonate or chalk powder to enhance its whiteness.
• Kolam is a traditional Indian art form where patterns and designs are drawn on the floor using rice flour or colored powders.
• White kola maavu is a fundamental and classic choice for creating traditional and auspicious kolam patterns.
• During festivals, weddings, and other significant events, white kolam powder is used to create beautiful rangoli designs outside homes, temples, and community spaces. These intricate patterns symbolize welcome, prosperity, and spiritual harmony.
• Kolams, made with white kolam powder, are considered spiritually significant. They are believed to invite auspiciousness and good luck into the household. It's a way of honoring deities and welcoming guests warmly.
• The fine texture of the kolam powder makes it easy to create intricate patterns. It smoothly spreads on the floor and sticks well, allowing artists to achieve detailed and visually appealing kolams.