Lota | Copper Kalash/ Pooja Pot/ Ashtalakshmi Chombu for Home/ 60 Gms Approx

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lota | copper kalash/ pooja pot/ ashtalakshmi chombu for home/ 60 gms approxAshtalakshmi Copper Kalash Chombu is a sacred vessel used in Hindu worship to honor the Ashtalakshmi, the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi. They are believed to bestow eight different kinds of wealth and blessings upon their devotees.


• A traditional copper lota Chombu, adorned with intricate details of the eight forms of the Goddess Lakshmi.
• A must have kalasam during Varalakshmi and Navaratri pooja, it is designed to hold water during any ritualistic pratices such as, abhishekam, ritual bathing of the deity and offering to guests as a symbol of hospitality.
• The copper kalash / lota can be filled with fresh water, turmeric, rose water, coins, javvadhu powder. And topped with coconut smeared with turmeric, and fresh mango leaves inserted on the sides.
• The copper lota for puja is an auspicious symbol and a versatile piece that can be used in a variety of occassions, religious rituals, functions, and festivals. It also makes a beautiful addition to any collection.
• It is believed that by worshiping the Ashtalakshmi with devotion and offering them prayers, one can receive their blessings and enjoy a life of prosperity, happiness, and success.