Giri Mango Chiraai- 700 Grams | Maa Chiraai for Puja & Homam

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* Mango wood sticks are commonly used to create the sacred fire (agni) during the havan.
* The sticks are typically made by cutting small branches of mango wood into thin, uniform-sized sticks that can be easily lit and added to the fire. Mango wood is believed to have purifying properties, and it is considered auspicious and holy in Hinduism.
* Samithu sticks are the twigs used in oblations and sacrifices to deities during Homa, Agni Karya, or the invocation of deities in the fire.
* The sticks of age-old trees that fall down themselves are collected, dried, and bundled for offering to God by invoking fire.
* Mango Samithu sticks are widely used for Homa for Lord Vishnu, Goddess Mahalakshmi.
* The smoke and ash produced during the havan are believed to have purifying and cleansing properties.
* Mango chiraai is dipped in ghee and made to be put on the holy fire of a yagna. The ghee burned from the mango samithu in homam is said to bring great prosperity to the invoker. It is used in most homams and also by brahmacharis who do daily samitha dhanam.