Madurai | by Banumathi Padmanaban/ by GiriAus Publication/ Madurai Meenakshi Amman

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Sku : 91001794

Language : Tamil

Author : Banumathi Padmanabhan

Publisher : GIRI

Page : 96

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Width : 5.5 Inch

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•Banumathi Padmanabhan, a renowned author of Tamil literature, wrote the book ""Madurai"" in the Tamil language. The book, which initially came out in 2006, is about a young woman named Kavya who, after spending many years abroad, goes back to her birthplace of Madurai.
• Kavya was born in a separate city and moved away from Madurai as a youngster, yet she never lost her affinity for the place and its people. 
• She is shocked by the changes in the city and its inhabitants when she visits Madurai as an adult. She meets up with old friends and family members and starts to learn more about the city's rich culture.
• Kavya meets a variety of people as she wanders the streets of Madurai, from merchants and street sellers to academics and historians. 
• She gains knowledge of the well-known temples, exciting festivals, and thriving arts and cultural scene of the city. Along the way, she also struggles with personal matters, including her identity and her connections with her family.
• The ""Madurai"" literature of Banumathi Padmanabhan is renowned for its vivid descriptions of the city and its inhabitants as well as its examination of issues like nostalgia, culture, and the quest for identity.
• Since its release, the book has received various prizes and plaudits and is widely recognized as a masterpiece of Tamil literature.